Strategic and creative thinking

The Rowan philosophy is born from experience
and underpins all of our activity.

Strategies & Services

Strategies and Services

We simplify the complexities of CRE investment by managing the details in an orderly and strategic manner, as well as unlocking latent value to deliver sustainable income and enhanced returns.


Development, low or und=certain income large scale, example Aldwych House. Products: Development Management and Co-investment, Site Overview and Feasibility.

Core & Core Plus

Investment Management and purchase of income producing assets and portfolios. Products: Investment & Asset Management, bespoke and branded asset management.

Corporate & Capital Restructuring

Debt and capital advisory, corporate structure and investment ie Residential Housebuilder, Debt funding for major investments and developments examples Leeds – £350m, London Hotels – £400m, City Investment – £185m.


We believe that close engagement with our investing and introducing partners is essential. Rowan looks to work with Owners and Investors. We place high importance on working in a collaborative way with partners and professional teams and use well-established working practices. We report in a clear, transparent and comprehensive manner and generate understandable business models at every stage of the investment cycle.


Proven track record

Founded in 1997

Years invested in London: 17

IRRs 13–40%

Multiples 1.3–4.4x

Transactions £1.25bn+

Partners fund raise more than £3bn

21 years

Rowan has been invested in London for 17 out of 20 years and has consistently produced market beating results in all transactions. Rowan has additionally invested in German Retail and in property portfolios around the UK.

A relationship based investment partner

Engaging, Innovative, Agile

Simplifying complexity, unlocking latent value, delivering return

Rowan methodology is based on 3 Powerful Toolsets:

1. Analysis,

2. Structure,

3. Delivery.

We have a proven track record over more than 21 years.


Specific property strategies

Rowan creates carefully thought-through property strategies based on prevailing market dynamics and our ‘income and opportunity’ philosophy. We also consider economic, capital and occupational trends

Key Projects


London Investments

Bedford Square, Cambridge Circus, Green Street, South Audley Street, Palace Street, Roger Street.

UK Investments

Cheadle Park, St. Peters Way, Conquest, High Street, Bailey’s House, Berkshire House, Enterprise House, Church Street, King’s Road, Gallow Tree Gate, High Street, Sea Vision Estate, Stadium Centre, Fratton, Bennet Road, Southchurch Road.

German Investments

We are invested in various towns throughout Germany through the Amethyst and Andreas Portfolio.

Other featured projects


Methodologies & Operating Systems

We acquire and actively manage investments that offer 'income and opportunity'. The Rowan Philosophy is to always challenge and think creatively. Whilst dynamic in our approach, we balance this with pragmatism and a deep understanding of the market in which we operate.



1. Analysis

Our analysis is detailed and rigorous with deep research, complex and searching cashflows, checking viability, sensitivity and the impact of different types and levels of finance. Once in project the analysis, recording and reporting remains detailed and thoughtful.

2. Structuring

Rowan consider that the correct corporate and capital structure are of massive importance in the delivery of ultimate returns. We will often purchase corporate entities and set up management of these.

3. Delivery

The project plan requires overarching strategies and detailed process to ensure maximisation of opportunity. We apply bespoke operating systems that have been developed in the business over 20 years.

Investment Strategy & Added Value

Rowan act decisively to add value. This approach can be applied to purchases or to existing properties and portfolios.

Careful analysis de-mystifying complexity leads to clear overarching strategies. Effective procedures deliver results.

Overarching strategy driving multiple work streams

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